Data Analytics

Organizations are dealing with large scale data collected from a large number of sources. A key challenge is a judicious use of the information within and across organizations to make informed decisions and to run operations effectively. The Data Analytics group at QCRI has built expertise focused on several core data analytics themes that will enable the effective use of this growing asset.

Data Curation

We are investigating various new directions to solve hard data curation problems such as data cleaning, data discovery, data integration, continuous data source profiling, and explanatory data lineage. We are leveraging different tools and methods from areas including data management, information theory, and machine learning and deep learning.


Applied Machine Learning


Big Data Infrastructure

We are building the next generation infrastructure that would allow users to express any of their data analysis tasks with minimal effort as well as allow expert users to fine-tune the implementation of these tasks to improve performance.

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The Bioinformatics subgroup of DA at QCRI works on a variety of projects, including the Qatar Genome Project, projects on protein structure and function, work with local hospitals on cardiovascular disease, and more. As part of these works we also develop a number of new methods and publish the software to execute them, check out our projects and software: