Data Forensics with Analytics (DAFNA)

Our activities in Data Forensics with Analytics (DAFNA) project focuses on truth discovery and veracity of Big Data. The main goal of DAFNA project is to design a scalable and accurate truth discovery system to score the veracity of conflicting information extracted from multiple online sources. Conflicting information, rumors, and erroneous contents can be easily claimed and propagated by multiple online sources, making it hard to distinguish between what is true and what is not. In the Data Analytics group of QCRI, our current research goal on Truth Discovery and Fact-Checking is to determine the veracity of multi-source data and we designed a unique truth discovery system, AllegatorTrack that can discriminate true from false conflicting values and provide trustworthiness scores of the sources claiming it. AllegatorTrack main features are to enable: (i) the comparison of twelve existing methods for fact-checking, (ii) the Bayesian combination of their results, (iii) the generation of allegations to falsify true claims, (iv) the explanations of truth discovery results, and (v) the visualization of the truth discovery results.

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